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"One of the challenges when measuring the effects of technology on literacy(s) is finding a control group where technology; does not play a major role in the culture. The Amish successfully live in a Technocracy where mechanical/electronic tools are used only when absolutely necessary; the Amish are not dependent on them for survival. The crux of the Amish philosophy is humility, serving the community and serving God. Ironically, they have suffered tremendous repercussions for adopting a wholesome, selfless lifestyle which is contrary to most popular world views, regardless of religious or spiritual views"--Purpose, p. 40.

Date published: 05/01/2009
Published by: Missouri S&T Press 1-800-522-0938

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The Effect's of Technology on Literacy(s) Cover

The Effect's of Technology on Literacy(s) - Master's Research Cover

Technologies have enhanced lifestyles in ways only dreamt of a few decades ago - or have they?